A Strategic Perspective on Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing Basics, Part 1

This e-book is Part 1 of Social Media Marketing Basics, a six-part series. The series is based on principles that the authors have taught to more than 22,000 enrolled learners in a six-week course on social media marketing.

In this book, you will understand what it means to take a strategic approach to your social media marketing. Instead of jumping into sending tweets or posting on Facebook, it is wise to step back and take a strategic stance that will help you succeed in the long run. You will learn how to define social media marketing, explain how social media has changed the marketing paradigm, and develop social media marketing objectives.

This first book in the series explores what social media marketing is and how it can be used to achieve business goals. Social media marketing is about engaging consumers in conversation with each other and with the brand. These conversations are sparked, facilitated, and leveraged by marketers to meet specific objectives. By starting with a clear understanding of business objectives, we can design social media marketing campaigns that provide value to the company.

Through all books in the series, we will provide you with an understanding of social media marketing from a strategic decision-making perspective. We’ll discuss how social media marketing is different from other forms of marketing communications and how we best leverage these strengths to help us achieve our goals.

Social media marketing is social! That is, social media marketing engages consumers in conversations with each other and with the company. These conversations can be leveraged to help the company achieve business and marketing objectives. We will examine how to connect social media efforts to business objectives via the social media planning process.

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