Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy

Is your career as a creative solopreneur going nowhere fast? Harness the power of collaboration to supercharge your audience and income.

Has fear of rejection kept you from reaching out to influencers? Are you worried about making a bad first impression? Author, blogger, and podcaster Kirsten Oliphant has landed career-changing speaking gigs and industry leading guests with her simple outreach methods. And now she’s here to help you do the same.

Creative Collaborations: How to Form Lasting and Lucrative Partnerships without Being Smarmy is a game-changing resource for finding potential collaborators. With Kirsten’s guidance, you’ll explore the many advantages of collaboration and the common pitfalls to avoid. Inside, you’ll learn how to craft the perfect pitch and maintain long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships.

In Creative Collaborations, you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to start collaborating and which kinds of partnerships you can start pursuing right away
  • Which commonly taught outreach methods will only waste your time and what you should focus on instead
  • The framework for an attention-grabbing pitch that will get you results
  • Insights and best practices from successful authors and social media experts
  • How to protect yourself from collaborations gone awry, and much, much more!

The book also comes with a free companion course that contains videos, resources, and other guides to help you take the next step in your collaborative solopreneurial career. Creative Collaborations is your step-by-step guidebook for expanding your network the right way. If you like expert advice, extra motivation, and practical actions you can take immediately, then you’ll love Kirsten Oliphant’s inspirational resource.

Buy Creative Collaborations to open up new worlds of opportunity today!

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