Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce: Learn How To Increase Online Sales, Generate Revenue And Profits With Facebook Ads!

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    Learn how to increase e-commerce sales with proven strategies and how-to case examples. Read this book if you wish to be successful in your e-commerce marketing and stay ahead of your competition


    With Facebook advertising, you will improve your business sales. In this book, I will reveal all my secrets and tips from many years of experience from different business industries in e-commerce. With Facebook Advertising For E-commerce, you will learn how to create Facebook ads that generate sales to your e-commerce site. It is also full of case studies that give you the edge over your competitors to optimize the ads and spot opportunities.

    A preview of what this book has to offer:

    • Why all e-commerce businesses should advertise on Facebook
    • Set up campaigns, ad sets and ads
    • How conversions work and which conversion window to choose
    • Targeting and when to choose different ad formats
    • How to approach different size of markets
    • How to work with Facebook Ads Manager, and which columns to select to best track your ads outcome
    • Budget and bidding optimization
    • Return on advertising spend, and why it is important to consider when advertising on Facebook
    • Optimization, how to do it proper to get high sales
    • Retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers
    • Advertise new products and brand products
    • Advertise on shopping seasons such as Black Friday and Christmas
    • Sales promotion marketing, such as 50% off and how to encourage impulse buys
    • How to set up Dynamic ads and optimize

    Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce is primarily recommended for digital marketers, e-commerce managers and online store owners that want to increase online sales with Facebook ads. If you are generally interested in Facebook marketing or ecommerce, this book also fits that purpose. Once you are finished reading this book you will be able to boost your ecommerce sales through Facebook ads whilst maintaining profit.

    I am sure that you are intrigued to learn more about the secrets that Facebook Advertising For Ecommerce has to reveal. Stay ahead and outsmart your competition, download your copy today!

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