Facebook Advertising: “Strategies, Tactics, Tools & Tracking”.: Facebook Marketing & Advertising Campaigns (Facebook Master Series 2)

Facebook Advertising & Marketing – Your Complete Guide with Actionable Step-by-Step Instructions

Discover why Facebook is now the premier advertising platform with advanced advertising techniques, precise targeting and sophisticated campaign planning. Learn how to maximize results with your Facebook advertising campaigns. Brand promotion combined with precisely targeted mobile and News Feed advertising is now the best strategy for Facebook marketing.

2014 Book Version Completely Revised and Updated

In this new version, you will find several chapters dealing with advertising strategies, tactics and techniques. There is also comprehensive chapter on analytics and tracking for best results.

You will find actionable instructions on how to best succeed with Facebook ads. Find out how to get the “best bang for your bucks” with Facebook advertising.

The book starts with a discovery tour of everything that is new in Facebook; the News Feed, Insights Panel, image dimensions, content filtering, audience creation and targeting, as well as a full description of the comprehensive advertising reports that enable you to analyze your results in great detail.

You will find research data from several expert organizations that clearly reveal the problems and challenges with ad reach and conversions on Facebook. You will find detailed instructions on how to deal with these challenges in order to succeed./p>

The Essential New Strategies and Tactics

You will find everything you need to know about advertising techniques such as ad types, placement, image dimensions and audience targeting.

I also explain in detail why and how organic reach of status updates and posts has declined and what you need to do to better reach your target audience.

  • Learn how to target your ads based on Interests, Behaviors, Relationships and Connections.
  • Learn how to build your fan base with Graph Search data, Custom and Lookalike Audiences as well as Website Custom Audiences captured from actions people take when visiting your website.
  • Build your know-how about Facebook marketing and advertising starting with foundation strategies.
  • Discover why brand promotion yields better results than direct selling.
  • Discover how to sell on Facebook with illustrative examples.
  • Learn what industry surveys reveal about online advertising response rates. Discover why you should focus on reach and frequency instead of click-through-rates.
  • Learn the best ways to place tracking pixels on your website or WordPress blog in order to analyze the results. I also explain in detail how to create a Google Analytics tracking pixel.
  • Discover the metrics, the ratios and the measurements that will enable you to fine tune your advertising techniques for best results.
  • Improve your ROI by using the extensive, new targeting options that Facebook now offer.
  • To illustrate just how precise your Facebook ad targeting can be, I will show you how to specifically target and ad to your neighbor’s motorcycle.

Improve Your Facebook Ad Performance Now

This book has actionable step-by-step instructions on how develop the strategies and tactics for successful Facebook advertising. Buy it now and profit with improved results and lower costs.

About this Book Series:

This is Vol. 2 of my book series titled Facebook Master Series. The 3-part series includes the following additional titles:

  • Vol. 1: Facebook Timeline: Create Stylish Facebook Pages and Apps.
  • Vol. 3: Facebook Privacy: Privacy, Security and Page Settings.

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