Google Plus for Authors Artists and Entrepreneurs – Social Networking for the Creative Mind (Social Media Author Essentials Series Book 5)

142 Pages

How do you draw in a loyal group of followers who enjoy your posts? How do you influence the ranking of your webpage in Google search results? Just what is Google Plus all about, anyway?

Authors, artists, and entrepreneurs have a fairly unique set of needs on Instagram. They want to spread the word about their latest dystopian novel release. They need to find buyers for their animal portrait painting. Maybe they’re an indie band drumming up interest in a new song.

This book gets you on your way.

I run and support multiple Google Plus accounts for authors, bands, artists, and other creative projects. I know the challenges of getting your book discovered in a world where thousands of new authors release books every month. I know how hard it is for a band to break through out of the sea of wanna-bes. I’ve honed the techniques and gotten the sales.

This book starts from the beginning. It takes you step by step through creating your first account. It talks you through the different types of hashtags and how to use each to your best advantage. From contests to trends, there’s always an angle to help your project out. You just have to know what to do and then do it.

How do you manage multiple accounts? What words draw people in to commenting and liking? The book guides you through all the jargon and makes things easy.

Plus, if you’re stuck, I’m just a click away and am happy to lend a hand!

Get started today – a massive world of potential fans awaits!

Half of all proceeds benefit arts for children programs.

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