Instagram Mastery: The Blueprint To Creating Viral Content, Optimizing Your Account’s Infrastructure And Unlocking The Secrets To The Algorithm In 2018 … Social Media, Web Marketing, Ecommerce))

The blueprint to how I went from 0 to over 350k followers and how you can too!

Have you been struggling with the Instagram algorithm and growing your page in 2018? Spending countless of hours with no growth day after day. Then this book is definitely for YOU!.

Let me say this. This is NOT the typical social media marketing book giving you general information that you have already seen time and time again. Also, if you have no idea how to operate and navigate proficiently on the Instagram platform, this book is not for you. It is not another “beginner’s guide”. Instagram Mastery has been specifically designed for those who want to take their IG game to the forefront, where all the other big players are performing at…

This book will dive into the depths of how to properly sharpen every element of your Instagram profile to experience massive growth and an influx of traffic.

The secrets that you will uncover:

PART 1 will cover the macro strategies and the mindset required to win, such as:

  • Why are you on Instagram? (Specific)
  • Dominate. Don’t compete.
  • The short term VS long term thinker.
  • Speed over perfectionism.
  • Meritocracy (The market decides)
  • Give value first, ask later.
  • Cross promotion and leverage.
  • Patience at the macro. Swiftness at the micro.
  • The biggest barriers to your progress.
  • How to deal with haters?
  • just to name a few…

PART 2 will cover the micro tactics on viral content, infrastructure and the secrets to the algorithm, such as:

  • The categories of content.
  • The 3 layers of viral content creation.
  • Riding the wave.
  • Optimizing your feed look.
  • Crushing it with stories.
  • The highlight feature.
  • Document plus create.
  • Optimal formatting and resolution.
  • Commoditization of content.
  • Hashtag optimization (#)
  • The hashtag strength ladder.
  • Having an array of hashtag lists.
  • Cycling hashtag lists.
  • Employing geotags.
  • The power of tagging pages.
  • Sliding into the DMs.
  • The current state of the algorithm.
  • Chronological VS algorithmic feed.
  • How the algorithm works (In detail)
  • The goodness score.
  • Power likes, power comments and engagement groups.
  • The shadowban and how to prevent it.
  • And much much much more…

If you want to become the best at Instagram, you must learn from the best…

To give you an idea, I’ve been able to build an aggregate of over 350k followers on Instagram , 185k followers on my Facebook page and a 10k email list to top it all off in less than 1 year 1/2. By getting this book, I will show you in extensive detail every single step I took to reach this massive audience. By applying the knowledge you acquire here, you’ll be able to take whatever page you have to new heights.
Take advantage now before the masses begin to learn the secrets within.
I’ve also had the pleasure to Instagram coach 1 on 1 some big names and brands in the fitness niche such as:

  • @uzoma_obilor (507k + followers).
  • @odin.gear (95.5k + followers).
  • @sebgarcia (30k + followers).
  • @johnduda_official (103k+ followers).
  • @alpha_legends (67.3k + followers).

And hundreds of other athletes and entrepreneurs…

Join us by grabbing the book NOW! The earlier you are before the herd, the more benefits you can reap from the vast sea of opportunities that lie ahead for you. Execution is everything. Take action now!

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