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The world of marketing is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of being able to post storefront signs about upcoming sales and promotions with the result being a flurry of customers. Marketing has changed with social trends, and it is of the utmost important that businesses are able to keep up.

Many people now rely more on online forums and exchanges to learn about new products and marketing campaigns. As such, digital marketing is becoming a must-have tool for any business that wants to be able to expand its reach. Many tools and techniques are available to get started with digital marketing, but where to begin? The vast amount of information, much of which is contradictory and supported by corporate interests, is crippling and intimidating.

Marketing strategies have changed, as well. Keeping up with social media and other evolving trends requires marketers to be constantly learning new skills. Terms like “growth hacking” and “lead conversion” can dominate the literature surrounding marketing today, but what do those terms even mean? And more importantly, what do they mean for your business? Managing the number of leads that you are generating and knowing how many of those leads are converting to loyal customers is now a necessary part of any marketing campaign, but how do you even get started with such a daunting task?

And public relations. What a nightmare. What are you to do in an age of conspiracy news websites, rumors going viral, and “alternate truth”? How can your company present its best face to the world when one false move is all it takes to turn the mass public hostile towards your company?

This book contains the answers to all of those questions and then some. It begins with some basic information about digital marketing, including trends and upcoming innovations that have the capacity to reshape marketing yet again. It will give you information about how to engage with your audience on social media and interact with them on other venues that are meaningful to them.

The next section is about different strategies that you can employ in your marketing efforts, such as blogging, video tutorials, managing campaign effectiveness, and growth hacking. You will be able to decide which of these strategies may be beneficial to your company and have ideas about how to implement them.

The third and last section is about public relations and how it applies to your company’s marketing strategies. Many people mistakenly think that public relations is about buying up advertising space and throwing out catchy slogans and jingles to create a public stir. It is more about organizational effectiveness, solid management, and continually improving your company so that people are able to see its best face and trust it.

Included are numerous case studies about strategies that have and haven’t worked for different companies so that you can see how these different ideas play out in a real-world scenario. If you are ready to get a head start on your marketing goals, then this book is for you.

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