Snapchat Hacks: How to Set Up, Use and Monetize Your Snapchat Account (Social Media, Social Media Marketing)

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    Discover exactly what it takes to be successful with one of the biggest, most personal and lucrative social media platforms out there

    Since it was founded, SnapChat made waves. It brought with it not just a new tool but a different way of sharing compared to its predecessors Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Private snaps disappear after 10 seconds, public snaps are visible for 24 hours. Snapchat has become one of the platforms that social media marketing mogul and expert Gary Vaynerchuk refers to as “underpriced attention” allowing marketers and businesses to reach a wide range of people for pennies on the dollar. Don’t have a business? Consider this: We are all content creators spreading our message through various social media platforms. Thus, the same rules and techniques that apply to businesses, apply to individuals.
    Learn how to grow your audience, market yourself and your business and monetize your Snapchat account!

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