Social Media for Artists and Creatives: How to Build a Supporting Community, Manage Your Time and Sell Your Creative Work Online

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    This is your step-by-step guide on how to find a better balance between your arts practice and your online presence. It will help you build a supportive community while increasing your income from your art and creative work.
    Done right, social media doesn’t need to be painful and expensive. This book demystifies the digital world and explains how you as an artist or creative can:
    =>Maintain your integrity while building a unique online identity, voice and community
    =>Understand the different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and know which is the right one for you
    =>Get direction and clarity on how to spend less time online while building your following and improving your results
    =>Learn what to focus on in social media that can help you on your artistic journey.
    This is your go-to guide for gaining better control of your time while creating and maintaining your online presence. It is a must-read for all artists who want to find more joy and direction in their social media communication.

    •More than 20 exercises for you to practice new skills along the way
    •Event planning for artists from A to Z
    •Free tools that will simplify your online life

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