Social Media Influencer: How to Have Maximum Impact with Minimum Effort & Become an Influencer ONLINE in Just 2-3 Hours Per Week (for Vegans) (Kicka$$ … For Online & Offline Domination Book 1)

Take over the World and the Internet with your message, one social media update at a time…..Find out how to have maximum impact with minimal effort…

Let’s imagine we create a Virtual Vegan Revolution that will spread like a wildfire, reaching millions or billions around the globe. This will require a certain commitment of time and resources, but probably much less than you’d think.

Whether you have one hour per day, per week or per month, with the right tools you could probably do much more that you are currently doing — you’d really be surprised!

Table of Contents
Taking the Quantum Leap Online: From One-to-One and One-to-Many, and One-to-Millions KickAss Activism
Become a Social Media Influencer in Just 2-3 Hours Per Week – for Vegans Who Want to Kick Some Serious A$$ Online!
Social Media Influencer Step-by-Step: How to grow your following and become a social media influencer in just 1-2 hours per week…
What Type of Influencer Are You?
Does your social profile SUCK?
Be real
Be engaging by sharing awesome content
Be an influencer
Don’t be plain vanilla
What and how to post?
Choosing a Topic
Example Topics/ Niches for Vegans
Spreading the message using a two-step approach
Why you need to post consistently (after you make sure your profile doesn’t suck)
How often should you post vegan updates to social media and how much is too much?
Growing a following–and a tribe
Give reasons to comment
Engage and start conversations
Build relationships with other influencers
Promote single, simple, doable behaviors, one at a time
Don’t lose sight of the big picture
Don’t focus on the negative
Don’t strengthen myths and misconceptions
Work on promoting systemic change
How much time do you need to become a social media influencer?
Don’t have time? Make time!
Don’t be attached to the outcome
Three Methods Posting Social Media Updates
Manual versus Scheduled versus Automated Updates
Creating you content swipe file
A word about tools and services
Bullet Proof Your Presence
Use Social Media to Build an Email List
Add incentives to sign up
Create a great squeeze page
Set up a website or blog
More Tips to Increase Your Power of Persuasion and Influence Online
When on Twitter or Instagram, use hashtags
Use trending topics
Looks matter
Use pictures and make them original
Time to Be an Activist is NOW
How to Find Free Photos
More Free & Paid Photo Sources
More Reading

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