Social Media Marketing Planner – Your Social Plan – January 2018: Social Media Planner, 93 social post ideas, 31 marketing tips, templates, blog and promos … holidays, national days and hashtags.

Social media planner to plan your social media posts. Almost all small businesses struggle with what to post on Facebook and other social media networks. Now you don’t have to…

Get 93 social media post ideas on a convenient daily planner. That’s 31 daily planners with 3 customized social media posts per day.

The January 2018 Social Media Marketing Planner is a Social Media & Content Creation Planner that will help you manage your social media presence with social post ideas to drive traffic to your business every day.

It includes a daily social planner with three customized ideas for you to develop into social posts, daily offline growth ideas, daily engagement checklists and places to keep up with your social strategy – from sales, promotions, coupons and discounts, blog posts, holidays, events and more. Use them to keep up with daily goals and tasks as well.

We’ve been helping small and medium sized businesses for 12 plus years with online advertising and social media marketing. Since we’re always being asked to develop social media marketing plans for businesses, we created the “Your Social Plan” daily planners. We provide the resources and the plan, you do the work to make it succeed. We’ve watched many entrepreneurs transform their business with social media marketing. The small daily tasks become a habit and you begin to see results. We know it works. Your success continues to motivate us to produce daily planners that will help propel your social media strategy.


What’s Included In the Monthly “Your Social Plan”?


Daily Social Planners for each day of the month that include:

> 31 daily planning worksheets
> 3 daily customized post ideas
> 93 social post ideas with examples
> 5 Month-specific Promo Ideas
> 3 Fill-in-the-blank Story Telling Templates
> 31 marketing tips
> Daily engagement checklist
> Daily Holidays and National Days
> Daily Hashtags
> Daily Goals
> Daily Tasks
> Daily Marketing Tasks
> 10 Original holiday images


How Do Daily Planners Work?


The daily planning sheets are designed to organize your ideas in one central place, to help you plan your social media strategy. The planners can be used daily or monthly to batch and automate your social media tasks.

Each day includes 3 different ideas typically related to the day of the month as well as general post ideas. We also suggest an offline growth idea that will help you build other areas of your marketing.

A key component of social media marketing is having a plan and actually making the time to implement it. That’s why daily planners work well for most businesses. They map out an easy way to get started and stick to the plan. Whether you complete the tasks each day or work ahead to plan all at once, the planners will help you stay organized and actually complete the tasks.

The planners can be paired with the Socially Inclined Dashboard to schedule and automate your social media marketing. Work ahead and work smart to grow your online presence.


Our planners are designed for both planning ahead and daily tasks. Even if you take advantage of planning ahead and social automation, you still need to work on engagement on a daily basis. These planners give you a quick checklist of daily engagement tasks. These tasks will help grow your audience and participation. Of course everyone likes quick fixes and instant results, but in most cases social media marketing is a process.

Let’s Get Socially Inclined!

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