Social Video Advertising: on Facebook and YouTube

“One of the ultimate excuses for not measuring impact of marketing campaigns is: “Oh, that’s just a branding campaign.” -Avinash Kaushik, analytics and marketing author, in the blog post ‘Brand Measurement: Analytics & Metrics for Branding Campaigns’

Powered by sound, sight and measurement – and amplified by networking – social video ads are your most powerful tool to drive business results way beyond ‘branding’.

Marketers have a massive opportunity on their hands to make the impact of social video campaigns concrete. In the book Social Video Advertising, author Mark A. Jansen argues that performance marketeers just need to apply their existing systematic way of working and ‘response-mindset’ to social video advertising. This book is all about running paid social video campaigns, written for performance experts who already run a steady structure of search engine and banner ads.

This book is a bundle of lessons learned running hundreds of YouTube and Facebook video campaigns. Google and Facebook now earn over 80% of global online advertising budgets, so there is a very large chance you will end up running social video on either Facebook or YouTube – or both. In this book, the author shares his experience planning and running social video campaigns on YouTube and Facebook. Experience gained from being at the media sales side at YouTube (Google) as well as advertiser client-side.

Time and time again, performance marketers say they are having a hard time measuring the ROI of onlin video (eConsultancy, Marketing Budgets 2015). A whopping 39% use the word ‘poor’ to describe their ability to measure of ROI for online video. Compare that to the status of paid search as the top digital channel for ability to measure success: over half of respondents (52%) rated their ability to measure ROI from PPC as ‘good’, while another 35% rated it as ‘okay’. Clearly, social video suffers from a measurement challenge, and this book gives you clear pointers on how to solve this challenge.

By the time you reach the conclusion of this book, you will be running highly effective social video campaigns, be able to define an appropriate online video campaign measurement plan that follows from the overarching marketing goal, and then demonstrate that your investment in video campaigns is achieving a positive ROI. Use this to convince budget decision makers and prove that your online video campaigns are adding to top-line growth.

This book seeks to:
Guide the reader through the social video advertising landscape and establish that the true power of social video advertising is in combining targeting and analytics capabilities of the online channel, with the power of sound, sight and motion known from TV
Provide insight into the different social video ad formats available to the advertiser
Help you set your objectives, pick the right video platform for your objectives and introducing the ‘CAM’ measurement framework appropriate for these media, including relevant social video ad KPI’s for conversion tracking advertisers
Provide guidelines for the production of effective social video ad content
Provide insight into the viral mechanisms you can use to drive organic free distribution

The reader is assumed to have a background in performance marketing and to be a heavy user of conversion tracking to measure outcomes and optimize ad results. This book is most relevant for those whose website or app is a fundamental, ‘core’ part of the business. The measurement framework in this book assumes you are an online pure play company, with the associated benefits of having easy access to timely data on user behavior in your app and on your website, and how your ads drives this behavior.

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