The No Bullshit Guide To Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs: Generate more leads & sales with this social media marketing strategy … Snapchat,Twitter,Facebook,Youtube and

This book takes you through our step by step blueprint to social media marketing success – You will learn how to build and grow an audience that will want to buy your stuff!

It isn’t yet another wishy washy guide to Facebook advertising. This book is practical. It’s visual. It’s crammed with examples from small and large brands for you to learn from. I have designed infographics and included many actionable takeaways & templates for you to implement straight away.

What will you learn?
•How to actually use Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram the right way in 2016.
•An understanding of what makes your audience engaged on social media and the scientific, psychological ‘why’ behind it.
•How to create a brand and social media content that people actually give a crap about and want to follow, share and like.
•How to grow your audience, get them to love you and then part with their money.
•How to utilise free marketing and low cost paid social marketing to generate leads and sales.
•How to create persuasive messages that lead to a purchase through images and copywriting.

You should buy this book if…
•You are launching a small business and need to understand the right way to market on social media to generate more leads and sales.
•You are an entrepreneur who wants to use social media to launch your new business.
•You are a social media influencer who wants to gain more followers and make money from your social following.
•You are someone looking for a no no-nonsense guide that will actually give you some useful, actionable info to implement.

We live in a time where…
Entire businesses are built on platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This book shows you how to grow an audience of loyal followers who want to buy whatever you have to sell!

My social media strategy in one sentence:
All you need is the right content, posted at the right time on the right platform, which is viewed by the right person in order to make your social media business page a success.

A bit about the author…
During my career in digital marketing I have worked in (and been trained by) various digital agencies, Google Squared (the digital marketing training programme developed by Google) and the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.

I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you to help you make a difference.

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