The Trick of Advertising: Advertising 101, Including Advertising and Promotion, Social Media Marketing and Twitter Marketing

In his 17 year advertising and marketing career, the author has learned powerful methods for designing advertisements and having a rewarding career in the advertising business. In How to Advertise, you will learn how to get started in advertising and learn how to design ads that will yield high visibility and engagement for your business, whether you an internet business, or a brick and mortar establishment.
In this book, you will learn methods proven over almost two decades of advertising experience:
•How to create effective ads and market your business
•Social Media marketing, including Facebook advertising, Twitter marketing and email marketing
•Winning print advertising designs
•The most common mistakes marketers make and how to avoid them
•How to get a job in advertising
•Real-life experiences of how things really are in the advertising business
The book is illustrated with humorous cartoons of the many situations a marketer faces in their work.

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