The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Target Your Audience, Lower Your CPA, Set Up the Infamous Pixel, and Build Your Brand

Have you started advertising through Facebook and don’t know how to target your audience? Setting up a proper Facebook ads campaign can be complicated to say the least, but if done right can bring massive ROI. This guide goes over many things beginners have questions on in great detail.

HOW TO TARGET YOUR AUDIENCE- learn how to identify and target to your dream audience. This guide tells you exactly how to find the most interested potential customers in Facebooks vast population pool. Learn how to target, then retarget effectively and efficiently.

LOWER YOUR CPA- Fine tune your campaigns and lower the cost of them while retaining their conversion rates. Finding ways to get more bang for your buck in ad spend is now easy task, but this guide gives strategies on how you can go about the task.

SETTING UP THE PIXEL- If you’ve never done it before, setting up the elusive Facebook Pixel can be daunting, even challenging. In this guide we explain in depth how to set it up, how to use it effectively, and ultimately unlocking one of the highest rewarding advertising tool in your arsenal.

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