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Celebrity Tweeter – Not I

A few months ago there was an excellent article that claimed that Twitter Posts with some combination of words similar to the following entirely made up phrases: Please RT RT or else Check it out This is so…

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Twitter Ad – a certain level of silliness

In my article HERE and HERE I mentioned that it was obvious some level of scamming was going on, with Twitter claiming I got 45 “Clicks” and Google showing traffic from only 5 Twitter clicks. I spent a minute…

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Twitter Advertising – Just Don’t Do It Part 2

I ran a small, extremely inexpensive advertising campaign on Twitter to drum up some subscriptions to my Lose Weight Gain Muscle Newsletter (Free Weekly Information) HERE and created a series of Tweets for them to share for me….

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Twitter Advertising – Just Don’t Do It – Part 1

I need to preface this by saying that several years ago, back when no one knew what the heck Social even was, let alone how it worked or where it was going, I read UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start…

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Twitter Essentials

I have seen quite a few posts over the past few years (mostly on Facebook but some on G+ and Linkedin and even Twitter) about how no one “GET’S” Twitter. Finally I decided to make this little quick…

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Self-Delusional Professional Tweeters

I almost don’t even have to write any text. This screenshot says it all. But I will write a little bit about it. From a business and marketing perspective, when someone with 231 followers promises that for a…

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