NFL Logo Banana Chair Scandal

Quite some time ago, nearly 30 years, I worked at a parts store that used to be a regional distributor. There was an awful lot of empty shelf space back in the warehouse where we kept our backstock of retail items for the floor displays and shelving.

Back in the day, before they were marketed as “Video Game Chairs” they were called “Banana Chairs” and seemingly overnight our warehouse shelves were filled up with bright multi-colored banana chairs each wrapped in clear plastic with a thin white paper sleeve over the headrest.
The Goal Zero Estrella LED Light – when it first came out my photo was on the back of the box: Ice Climbing at Night
The manager became suspicious, having recognized the color patterns, and lifted the paper sleeve to see an NFL Logo on each of the banana chairs. NFL Logo Banana Chairs. Turns out one of the owners got involved in a partnership to fund the production and sale of these chairs. They sat there for some time until we found out that someone neglected to pay their licensing fees. The limited partners were protected from the lawsuit, but did lose their money. I bring this up merely as notice along the lines of my previous posts about Intellectual and Creative Property, that when in doubt find out up front if there are any restrictions in sharing or using images, logos, creative works, music, video, photos, etc.

“But we’re promoting your teams and your logos to your adoring fans” didn’t fly as the defense argument.

So when all is said and done, whatever you do, don’t assume that because you found it on the internet, it’s got to be fine to use it for whatever you want whenever you want. The spammer articles (the ones that are trying to sell you the “Instant Kindle Success Billionaire” programs) imply that you just go do a search on Creative Commons pics and use them. Be aware that almost all of them require definite attribution and cannot be used in a commercial context.

Save yourself the hassle. It’s really easy to buy $1 images now that are much better than most of the CC stuff I’ve seen and with much better indexing.


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