Back in the Saddle at Facebook

My Facebook Page for this website is and for quite a while I had it in stasis. Suspended animation. Slumber. Sleep mode. Hibernation. You get the idea, I’m sure.

Why? Because the powers that be in the FB marketing world started sending imaginary users over to like the page and use up my very limited advertising dollars. Another of my pages was subject to a similar threat, and I had put it on pause as well. After a few weeks I opened the doors once more, and all the fake traffic had dried up.

What is the benefit in fake likes to FB?

It makes page admins feel like their efforts are paying off. The page is growing. FB is justified in asking for money for even more growth. I’ve been experiencing this off and on for several years. In fact, a few years ago FB announced they were going to just wholesale delete millions of fake accounts. Suddenly several of my pages dropped as much as 10% in likes. The main problem with that, is that most of those were likes internally promoted by FB. In other words, FB had intentionally suggested to fake accounts that they like my page.

How to Detect Fake Likers

Likes from users in far-off remote countries you didn’t even realize had internet.

Your Likers have no friends, no pictures, and no posts.

No Likers for months or longer, then suddenly a handful trickle in.

How to Fix The Problem of Fake Likers

Well, really, what’s the point? FB won’t admit to the problem, nor their involvement. If you’re not actively promoting offers to the page likers, their friends and family, or a like audience, then it’s not that big a deal. If you are, then you need to pause the page, and pause the campaigns, or you’re tossing money away.

Let me know if you’ve had problems with fake likers, and what you did to fix the problem.

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