Sticking the Fork in Matt?

I read this “Guest Blogging Article” HERE

In reference to G’s policy on Guest Blogging from the article:

Unfortunately, instead of taking that kind of balanced approach, they are attacking the practice itself and anyone who is part of a community that guest posts. google penalty hammer guest blogging Google is not judging the posts individually or actually judging the quality. Instead, everyone is guilty by association. NO fair trial. In fact, no trial at all. Just a guilty verdict, and then the hammer comes down; BAM!

I have to admit that the more I hear about the BIG G and their plans for total world domination, the less I understand. Based on other articles I’ve read, here’s what you’re supposed to do. I think.

  • No keywords in any links
  • Links must be no-follow
  • There should be no links
  • No keyword phrase repeated
  • No keyword phrases
  • No meaningful title
  • All text must be of exceptional quality
  • All text must be essentially meaningless in the context of your business
  • You can’t make or take money for blogging
  • You can pay G for the privilege of being searchable

So let me get this straight. You spend several hours writing an exceptional quality blog post while simultaneously adhering to several contradictory rules. No one can click a link that takes them to your own site. You won’t get author credit. You won’t get link authority. You have no possible gain to be gotten from this. You and the blog owner will both be banned forever unless you pony up in Adwords.

Why the heck would anyone do this to themselves?

Unless of course they suffered from extremely low self-esteem and just needed to see their name in pixels. This of course flies in the face of Matt’s impeccable logic that the highest quality interaction with the internet is purely altruistic and that the concept of personal gain is evil in and of itself. Ponder that in light of the ease with which you can flush money down the Adwords toilet. Matt makes good money too cranking out his videos and articles that have thousands of links in thousands of worthless …. er “high quality” websites.

Despite the altruistic net vision of Big G, it’s all about the $$$ on the real net

I’ve been offered a handful of Guest Blogging opportunities over the last few years, but when it comes down to it:

  • I can’t use any of my own content without risking some P-animal penalties
  • I can’t get any links from it
  • I can’t get any traffic from it
  • It won’t add any value to my authority


So why bother?

For me it doesn’t make sense. I need to keep cranking away on my own projects and working on my own business needs. If there is no direct measurable positive impact on my business there is no need for me to waste a lot of time on it. That’s the reality of business in the real world. In spite of the altruistic internet vision of the Big G.

On the other hand, if a major celebrity status blog or site needed an article and could promise me a million eyeballs, and I could actually get some links without being penalized, then heck yeah!

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