No Free Lunch on Social Media

In the vein of my recent “Being a Butt on Facebook” HERE I’m going to share another negative aspect of Social Media. Here’s a quote from a post on Linkedin. Presumably a final post, if it’s even remotely honest. It portrays a certain level of frustration that I know probably half, if not most, of all businesses on Social Media experience.

Hi. I wan to close this matter, cuase never i have sucssesful on my business, this is realy SPAM. No help on my business

The glaringly obvious issue here (no, not the fact that this isn’t a native English speaker in an English medium) is that they were using Social Media as FREE ADVERTISING!

If you’re going to post pics of your products, make them fun for your users

Um, no. It’s not free advertising. Most of the social media sites want money from you if you’re a business. So it’s not free. Yeah, sure, you can tweet your little brains out until you’re blue in the face. You can post to Facebook from your Pages and get a couple hundred views. You can post your FREE ADS to your Linkedin timeline and actually no one anywhere will even see it. But if you want some exposure, some serious views of your FREE ADS you’ll have to pay to play.

There is a company that posts like crazy all over the place. Huge ads with pics of their happy clients and then a 1000 word description of the product and how to sign up for it and pay. No actual reason why you should buy it. Just a catalog description. They post it a few dozen times a day on Linkedin and Facebook. They sign up on other Facebook Pages and then post their ads there if the Page permissions allow.

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I’m not sure if it’s working or not, or whether they make money off of this strategy, but it’s not great for Engagement. I’ve seen some of their ads getting likes on Facebook and Linkedin, so I do know that there are a few people out there, low hanging fruit, that click Like on stuff just because it’s there.

In the big scheme of things, it will probably end up like Geocities free websites and the FFA Link-building networks. Tons of free ads all over the place and millions of viewers who’ve never been on the net before stumbling across it all. Then one day “POOF” it’s all dust in the wind.

Facebook and Twitter are both wanting to charge for ads. In the case of Facebook they’re manipulating stats to sell ads. Pinterest and Linkedin are just around the corner. G+ will probably start tagging ads onto your ads (like on Youtube). Save your catalog pages for your blogs. Link to them on your social pages, maybe 1 or 2 a day depending on your post frequency. Put up stuff that people actually like for what it is. Not a pity or show of support Like. Put up stuff they’ll share and enjoy.

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