Linkedin is the New Facebook

You’ve probably heard for years now that Linkedin is the professional social professional media professional site professional for professional professionals professional who professional network professional for professional sales blah blah blah…

A few months ago I received some spam sales email trying to sell a system to me (and probably the other 12,309 BCC recipients) that would allow me to hack the snot out of Linkedin and make a ton of sales. I was able to wade through the freebie teaser enough to figure out some of the basic concepts and decided to go ahead and try them out on actual Linkedin.
I’ve had a Linkedin profile for quite a while, and some of it was true information. When Klout first came to my attention and Linkedin was a sizeable (4.1%) portion of the results I decided to go ahead and fluff out my Linkedin profile and see how I could boost my Klout stats.
I do eat at Chinese restaurants now and then
A few months later (I guess Klout takes a few months to get Linkedin stats) I discovered that the only Linkedin stats that mattered were the recommends, which for all practical purposes likened Linkedin on Klout to a circle-jerk situation. I hardly need to go into details on that one.
So I stopped messing around with posts and updates and profile edits and group participation. Then I got the email and I decided to go ahead and give it a try. Well, within reason – if you recall my Celebrity Tweeter article it was pretty obvious to me that some of the advice was stupid, if not just plain silly.

The head of new product development analysis and reference publications at Linkedin has this as their Current Position so this is the model you must follow:
Hardware internalization fractions . Intelligently Storaged . Fish and Chips . 4A GoodTime 8675309

I skipped some of that, but did update my profile as the article stated. Since I’m mostly unemployed right now I had to make up something about being self-employed, but when you add a new position it automatically creates it as a new business (in the hopes of charging them for a company page I think) and tries to suck everyone else into it. I didn’t want to be self-employed at someone else’s self-employed, so I fudged that a bit to avoid having any co-workers show up in my feed.
Then you’re supposed to go ahead and friend everyone on the list of professionals that Linkedin is only too happy to share with you. In fact, you can even have it scan your email, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and contact lists to find unwilling victims that don’t belong to the Linkedin professionals network. I’m not being that facetious here either. They’ll get an email invite from you to sign up on Linkedin, presumably under the same alias they used on pinterest.
I don’t remember why I took a picture of my ice climbing boot
So 640 friends from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation of contact later, you have a list of vulnerable contacts to spam. You can send them a Linkedin professional email asking them to buy your crap. Or sign up for your newsletter. All as professionals mind you…
Just some food for professional thought. On the feed and group scene it’s great to see all the blatant frantic self-promotion going on. Want to see some really desperate messages? Friend anyone with Kilimanjaro in their job description. Want to see some horrendously repurposed copy/paste articles intended to shove product down your throat? Join any health, diet, fitness groups. Want to open up the floodgate to blatant thread sniping? Post one of your own articles there.
In a couple months of testing the systems there, I got 2 website visitors from links on the Linkedin professional professional network. Almost anyone who commented with their own carefully copy/pasted advertising messages didn’t even take a second to click the link for my article to make me feel like I mattered. Kind of like posting to most Pages on Facebook.
Now, there are a few crafty individuals, perhaps looking forward to Klout considering anything other than recommends, that Like and comment blandly like “An interesting article thanks for sharing and good day.” – say that in a monotone and you probably have the right idea. I have to admit that I do that, just in case. I have earned top participant status in a few groups that way.

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