Should you outsource your social media manager?

If you are looking to the future of digital marketing for your small business, you have surely considered hiring a social media manager. An experienced social media manager can make a world of difference in the outcome of your inbound marketing. There are a few problems with this scenario though. Let’s explore the issue of hiring and wages.

Entry Level Social Media Manager

You could hire an intern. This is someone with little to no commercial experience. In the long run that might cost more than you want to pay. A social media manager intern might cost only $10/hour. That’s only about $20,880/year or about $1,740/month. For someone who will be doing roughly 40 hours per week of trolling Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. In general, you would have a tough time keeping them on track and on focus for your digital marketing goals. That’s a lot of hours to keep occupied on a limited amount of goals. Especially for an inexperienced employee.

Mid-Level Social Media Manager

You could double that hourly rate. Move up to a mid-level social media manager. Obviously double the wages above. You’d have a somewhat more skilled employee. They’d be more on focus and more on track to achieve your digital marketing goals. Unfortunately, most small businesses cannot afford over $2,500/month for a social media manager. Nor would they have enough going on to keep one busy at that rate of pay.

Outsourced Social Media Manager

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. With an outsourced social media manager you might have to double or more what you’d pay for the mid-level social media manager. At least on an hourly basis. You should consider bang-for-the-buck though. A highly skilled and experienced social media manager is worth every penny of that.

You can be assured that they are experienced and knowledgeable in current digital marketing strategy. They are keeping in tune with developments that would escape the attention of lower quality employees. By averaging their education and research expenses across their many clients you are receiving a bargain in that regard.

Do you want to explore the many benefits of an outsourced social media manager? Please get in touch with me (form below) and let’s discuss your options. For less than the total monthly expenditure* you would have to make on an entry level social media manager, you can have double or more the results in your digital marketing initiatives.

Charles Miske, an experienced expert social media manager
Charles Miske, an experienced expert social media manager

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*Wages + Worker’s Comp + Medicaid/SS etc.

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