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A few months ago there was an excellent article that claimed that Twitter Posts with some combination of words similar to the following entirely made up phrases:

  • Please RT
  • RT or else
  • Check it out
  • This is so wrong

etc. would result in some amazing interactivity like 10,000 retweets for each post that included them. The article was based on a bot that skimmed RT looking for common phrases that appeared in the greatest numbers of Twitter interactivity. Supposedly if you were to include those buzz phrases in your own Tweets you’d improve your social standing instantly. Maybe faster.

Barbie herding deer

I did an experiment for a month in which I used those phrases (well, the real ones anyway) in various combinations and discovered absolutely no increase at all. Not even a .0001% increase in engagement.


It suddenly struck me that taken completely out of context these words were the bomb. Totally reliably true. If you look at the phrases, they’re similar to those commonly used by such Twitter Celebs as shall hopefully remain nameless in this article. These are people with a solid fan base buying mp3’s, movie tickets, sponsored soft drink products and happy-go-lucky meals with their action figurettes inside. They have 100,000 followers who embrace the potential for osmotic coolness contagion by Retweeting everything the Celebs utter in 140 characters or less. 120 if they’re sharp and knowledgeable.
The end result is that like most other things statistical, it might look good totally out of context. Placed solidly in context it’s completely and totally meaningless. Until my first box office smash, I can’t hope to use those buzz phrases to get 10,000 Retweets per post.

Moral of the Story: Be Yourself

Embrace your own self. Share good thoughts with the good people who follow you. Retweet and share their stuff that appeals to you. Comment when it feels good. Don’t stress over it. If you don’t get thousands of RT posts you’re not telling the right audience the right message in the right medium or location.

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