Self-Delusional Professional Tweeters

I almost don’t even have to write any text. This screenshot says it all.

But I will write a little bit about it.

From a business and marketing perspective, when someone with 231 followers promises that for a measly $15 they’ll

  • follow you
  • get you 2500 followers
  • send your Tweet to 1 MILLION of possible customers
  • retweet one of your messages

What a freaking amazing deal is that? Who could resist that?

For one thing, they already followed me, and for free even.

For another, they don’t even have $15 to spend on themselves? Skip a couple of 6-packs and invest in your business? Skip a PPV WWE show? Whatever it takes, invest something into your own business and demonstrate some confidence in your method.

Not sure where the 1 MILLION of possible customers for the paid Tweet will come from, but I guess if all 231 of their followers had 231 followers and each of them had 19 followers, it could work if they all followed the pyramid plan and RT that tweet. But all of them would be bots or some other form of non-customer to get that RT sent from each of them.

Anyway, just for giggles, that’s what you see when you get one of those amazing super offers on Twitter.

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