Twitter Ad – a certain level of silliness

In my article HERE and HERE I mentioned that it was obvious some level of scamming was going on, with Twitter claiming I got 45 “Clicks” and Google showing traffic from only 5 Twitter clicks. I spent a minute on this ad again, and found this interesting description of what a “Click” was:

An “engagement” is when a user retweets, replies, favorites, follows, or clicks anywhere on your Promoted Tweet. You only pay for the first engagement a user makes with your Promoted Tweet.

So I guess you pay people to view your profile? You pay people to put the mouse pointer in the middle of some random word in the middle of your text and they click it? You pay when someone clicks one of your hashtags to bring up a list? That might explain what the discrepancy was between 40 people doing a hashtag search off of my Tweet, and 5 clicking my link. Thank goodness they don’t charge for spastic machine gun clicking on my hashtags. Obviously it’s pretty dumb of a small advertiser to pay for people to do hashtag searches that don’t result in income.

What’s the ROI on paying Twitter when people do hashtag searches?

To add insult to injury, they really want me to pay them $2.00 or so for each hashtag search  people do springboarded off of my ad.

Again, people, just don’t do it.

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