Twitter Advertising – Just Don’t Do It Part 2

I ran a small, extremely inexpensive advertising campaign on Twitter to drum up some subscriptions to my Lose Weight Gain Muscle Newsletter (Free Weekly Information) HERE and created a series of Tweets for them to share for me.

I ran it for a few cents per click, which they again complained would result in my not having any impressions at all, but I persisted and the ad did get some exposure, some clicks, and even one follow. Here’s the report from Twitter:

As you can see, I got 45 clicks over the period of April 4-9. I checked my stats on my blog using Google Analytics, narrowing the date down first to April 1 to 10. I thought a rough overall look at it would be a good start. Here is what I got:

While Twitter claims I had 45 clicks, Google claims I had only 5 in that same time period from Twitter. None of the other Top-10 sources even vaguely resembles Twitter as a referrer, so I have to assume that at least 40 of the Twitter clicks were not even remotely real. I immediately stopped the advertising campaign, since it’s obvious I would be charged at least 8x per actual click, the rest being padded with somehow miscounted clicks. I suppose that you could somehow click the link for the forwarder, and then close the tab before the actual referral completed and my server recorded the session. I can’t imagine who would have any interest in writing a Bot like that?

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